The Lassiter High School PTSA will award scholarships to deserving seniors who have
exhibited outstanding community service and volunteer efforts.


Class of 2024 Lassiter PTSA Scholarships

PTSA scholarships are funded through generous donations from the Lassiter PTSA general membership and are the legacy of the Brown Family Foundation. 
Lassiter High School PTSA is pleased to announce the recipients of the 
Class of 2024 Brown Family Foundation and LHS PTSA Scholarships 
TBD More information forthcoming during the Spring Semester of 2024
The Lassiter HS PTSA is proud to award scholarships to graduating Seniors who have exhibited outstanding service and volunteerism during their four years at Lassiter HS, feeder schools, and the community.  Applicants should exhibit proven community involvement, demonstrate leadership characteristics and plan to continue their education at either a 4 or 2-year college or university and/or trade school.


APPLICANTS MUST BE CURRENT MEMBERS OF THE LASSITER PTSA for the 2023 - 2024 academic calendar year.


Visit to verify your membership status and/or join today!



Lassiter celebrates academic excellence with Honors Day

Lassiter celebrates academic excellence with Honors Day


Lassiter honored more than 70 students at its annual Honors Day ceremony on Friday, April 21. Watch the Honors Day Video to see highlights from the day. Congrats to the following 2023 recipients for earning this recognition:


AP Capstone Awards

  • Eileen Grouchnikov - Outstanding AP Seminar Student
  • Aaditya Majumdar - Outstanding AP Research Student

Art Awards 2023

  • Maggie Cooney - Drawing and Painting Outstanding Student
  • Sidney Berrios - Ceramics Outstanding Student
  • Carter Loftin - AP Drawing Outstanding Student
  • Alex Hertz  - Photography Outstanding Student

Atlanta Journal Constitution Cup 2023: 

  • Oliver Safir

CTAE Awards

  • Matteo D'Urso - Audio/Visual
  • Jackson Fickas - Business
  • Ethan Poplaski - Marketing
  • Thomas Denhaese - Engineering
  • Sam Gola - STEM Engineering
  • Matthew Cargill - AP Computer Science
  • Sarah Ball - NJROTC

Columbia University Book Award: 

  • Sara Norouzinia

Drama awards

  • William Lamirand - Outstanding Technical Student
  • Arik Tsfati - Outstanding Actor

English Language Arts and Journalism Awards

  • Anumita Satam - Freshman Outstanding English Student
  • Sophia Joya Sophomore Outstanding English Student
  • Anna Harrison - Junior Outstanding English Student
  • Nate Burke - 
  • Hannah Luchkowec - Journalism Outstanding Student

Governor's Honor Program (GHP):

  • Eileen Grouchnikov - Communicative Arts 
  • Holden Cook - Math
  • Mia Motley - Music
  • Yash Mahadkar - Music
  • Sophia Joya World Languages German

 Harvard Book Award:

  • Kelly Wu

Math Awards:

  • Allison Bozza - Freshman Outstanding Math Student
  • An Yan - Sophomore Outstanding Math Student 
  • Sara Norouzinia - Junior Outstanding Math Student
  • Aaditya Majumda - Senior Outstanding Math Student

Music Awards 2023

  • Rachel Crowley - Outstanding Band Student
  • Jessica Fox - Outstanding Band Student 
  • Bartol Besedes - Outstanding Band Student 
  • Yash Mahadkar - Outstanding Band Student 
  • Bryn Phaengsook - Outstanding Orchestra Student 
  • Mia Motley - Outstanding Orchestra Student  
  • Rosie Mildenhall - Outstanding Chorus Student  
  • Julian Rivera-Summerville - Outstanding Chorus Student  
  • Lauren Beatty - Outstanding Chorus Student  

National Merit Scholarship Finalists:

  • Nate Burke
  • Matthew Cargill
  • Erin Cooney
  • Stephen Murley
  • Kathryn Rozboril 

Phi Beta Kappa Award:

  • Kathryn Lindsley

PTSA Scholarship Awards:

  • Lauren Beatty 
  • Perry Friedman
  • Caleb Kubes
  • Ann Claire Lamb
  • Emma Toomey 

Ray Croc Award:

  • Ann Claire Lamb 

Science Awards:

  • Hutchinson Ren - Outstanding Freshman 
  • Isaac Hoshide - Outstanding Sophomore 
  • Holden Cook - Outstanding Junior 
  • Perry Friedman - Outstanding Senior

Social Studies:

  • Anna Heinrich - Outstanding Freshman 
  • Andrea Joya - Outstanding Sophomore 
  • Rosie Mildenhall - Junior
  • Grant Miller - Senior recipient of Claire Nichols Award

STAR Student with an SAT score of 1600 out of 1600

  • Matthew Cargill  

STEM 2023

  • Riley Sullivan - Outstanding Freshman
  • Elizabeth Ballenger - Outstanding Sophomore
  • Yash Mahadkar -  Outstanding Junior
  • Emma Toomey - Outstanding Senior

World Language Awards:

  • Joshua Wu - Spanish Outstanding Student  
  • Ryan Van Vreede - German Outstanding Student  
  • Erin Cooney - French Outstanding Student   
  • Stephanie Lee - ASL  

Yale University Award:

  • Yash Mahadkar



Classified Employee of the Year 2023: Mary Gustafson

Teacher of the Year 2023: Suzette Spinelli

STAR Teacher: Ashley Kirby 



Past Recipients 


Class of 2023 Lassiter PTSA ScholarshipsClass of 2023 Scholarship Winners

We are so excited and proud to award $1,500 scholarships to 5 deserving students. All 5 outstanding students exemplify what our PTSA looks for – leaders both in and out of school. They have spent much time serving in the Lassiter community, volunteering for a variety of activities, and sometimes starting up new service projects or facilitating events as they see needs arise.

Class of 2022 Lassiter PTSA Scholarships 

Class of 2022 Lassiter PTSA Scholarship Winners


Class of 2021 Lassiter PTSA Scholarships



The Lassiter High School PTSA is pleased to announce the recipients of the 
2019-2020 Brown Family Foundation and LHS PTSA Scholarship
Scholarship Winners
It is our privilege to recognize four outstanding seniors "Class of 2020" for their achievements: 

Gabrielle Levitt

Lindsey Johnson

Jack Parsons

Shail Patel



The Lassiter High School PTSA is excited to award these scholarships to deserving seniors who have exhibited outstanding community service and volunteer efforts.  





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